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If you are looking to be entertained in style, if the occasion calls for something especially memorable, itís difficult to imagine a more exquisite performance than the silhouette artistry of Megumi.

Megumi is on of the few true artists who continue to practice the tradition of free-hand cut portraiture. Her painterís eye enables her to produce extremely fine and detailed silhouettes which are something of a rarity on the contemporary art scene. Who knows todayís conversation pieces could prove to be a collectorís item of tomorrow!

A perfect way for you to entertain is to have your guest’s silhouette fixed on your promotional materials, which they’ll take away and keep for ever. This elegant blend of creativity and deftness is suitable for occasions ranging from Banquets, Barmitzvahs, Cocktail Parties, Corporate Events, Hospitality Rooms, Product Launches, Society Balls and Weddings.

Megumi’s exciting, unique and visual performance can be presented with Japanese, French or English ‘patter’, hence making her suitable for an international audience. She is also a designer, illustrator and portrait artist with a long standing interest in paper crafts and doll-making. At the 1985 All Japan Handcraft Art Society’s exhibition, she received the society’s top debut award for developing her own unique style of doll-making.

Megumi is also a member of The British Origami Society, The Nippon Origami Association, The Japan Society and Equity. Her origami skills have taken her across the world, having performed in many European countries, plus Australia, the United States and Japan. She has recently received an international craft award for his contribution to the world of paper art.

Megumi has appeared on many other prestigious television programmes including The Generation Game, Blue Peter, Record Breakers, Handmade, First Reaction for the Mentorn Group and her own series on Channel 4, Fold-A-Sarus. Besides creating silhouettes, Megumi is a highly qualified Paper Artist and has designed items for a wide range of purposes from Advertisements, Displays, Exhibitions and Promotional Videos.

Silhouettes Marriage

Megumi with her outstanding silhouette collection was featured on the television programme Collector’s Lot.

A wedding is a very special event for the bride and groom, their family and good friends. Make the occasion even more memorable by adding the very personal touch that comes from the work of loving hands. It’s not the spectacular but the small details, often handmade, which give a wedding its atmosphere and style. Add a touch of individuality to the time honoured traditions – the invitations to be sent out, orders of service, and thank you notes by having your marriage stationery display a handcrafted silhouette.

Or, if you are looking for you and your guests to receive a personalised, everlasting keepsake of your special day, itís difficult to imagine a more exquisite blend of creativity, deftness and enchantment than Megumiís silhouette artistry as she mingles with your guests creating silhouettes of them, and in the process making your wedding a perfect day for everyone to treasure always. During a three hour period she is able to cut between twenty to twenty-five silhouettes per an hour. As a unique souvenir for the Bride and Groom, Megumi is able to cut an A4 size silhouette of them in full marriage attire, so when the wedding is long past, they will continue to have a reminder of their fabulous day.


The beauty and simplicity of Japanese calligraphy is a true eye-catcher. An ideal corporate gift for your clients to receive is a handcrafted bookmarker with their name written on it in Japanese characters (kanji). Megumi is able to translate a name and using a black brush-tip pen, write it onto a white/gold speckled card bookmarker which is adorned with a short length of golden ribbon (the colour gold representing royalty, strength and wealth) and a red kanji stamp of her name (which means blessing). The meaning of the client’s name is written onto the back of the bookmarker. For example, the name James means, nurturing a dream of prosperity.

Place markers need not be the same tired old white card. Why not make something truly unique that will be a lasting souvenir for the family or guests. Or commemorate an anniversary, birthday or wedding with a sentiment that you invent and Megumi will deliver a unique gift from Japan. Calligraphy is an extremely clean and self-contained presentation, therefore making it ideal for any sort of occasion.



Megumi began painting in 1964 and has painted in most mediums, but prefers acrylics and pastels. She has a realistic eye for detail and is widely recognized as a gifted artist whose work captures the emotional essence and character of her subjects. Megumi paints portraits of people and their pets, but also does still life and landscapes. Although Megumi prefers to paint from life, she is happy to work from photographs if necessary. Since turning professional in 1972, her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions and won several awards.


Pencil Portraits

For many years Megumi has enjoyed drawing ‘live’ portraits in the corporate environment or at trade shows. Pencil portraits also make unique affordable gifts and can celebrate landmarks in life: Christenings, Birthdays and Weddings. Using high quality graphite pencils portraits are drawn on smooth heavy-weight paper and sprayed with fixative to prevent smearing or staining. They are created while the artist and guest are seated, taking Megumi between eight or ten minutes to produce a life-like representation.


Pet Portraits

The animal companions with whom we share our lives mean the world to us. An original, hand painted portrait is a beautiful way to celebrate a cherished pet and their owner. A pet portrait is a wonderful way to remember treasured members of the family, and can be an original and personal gift for a loved one that will be a joy for years to come.

The happiness and comfort her animal portraits have brought to pet owners around the world is the joy and inspiration behind Megumi’s work. Being a lover of animals and nature enables her to produce detailed work in acrylic and pastel of a distinctive and outstanding quality while at the same time containing great depth and warmth.