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Paper Magic is an intriguing performance of origami – paper folding - with a magical twist!

Steve amazes people of all ages by producing with just a fold and snip delightful paper creations, which they will take away and keep forever. He will adapt his magical skills and artistry into customised themes, creating and teaching models that are requested.

Steve’s exciting, unique and visual performance can be presented with Japanese, French or English ‘patter’, hence making him suitable for an international audience. He is also an author, magical entertainer and origami expert and has studied in Japan with the top Japanese origami masters, thereby acquiring deeper knowledge of a subject that has always fascinated him. Steve is also a member of the most famous magical society in the world, The Magic Circle, holding the degree of Associate of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star.

Steve is also a member of The British Origami Society, The Nippon Origami Association, The Japan Society and Equity. His origami skills have taken him across the world, having performed in many European countries, plus Australia, the United States and Japan. He has recently received an international craft award for his contribution to the world of paper art.

This exquisite blend of magical creativity and dexterity is suitable for occasions ranging from Barmitzvahs, conventions, corporate events, dinner parties, hospitality rooms, product launches and team building days.

Steve has appeared on many prestigious television programmes, including Blue Peter, Record Breakers, The Generation Game, Hand in Hand, Rainbow and has been the origami consultant on many commercials, television programmes and feature films including the Hallmark production of Dinotopia.

Newspaper Magic

Newspaper is magic! It can be folded, rolled or torn to make loads of decorative, entertaining, magical and even useful things. Among a barrage of patter a table is produced from some newspaper and the star of the show is revealed. A mortarboard is folded from newspapers to pave the way for a parade of hats and related paper objects. A paper boat and ship’s wheel are followed by Napoleon’s hat and a row of figures. A newspaper is torn up and restored back to its original state. The finale – a lace tablecloth bearing an appropriate message is torn from a large rectangle of newspaper.

Money Folds

Amaze your guests and clients as Steve transforms British bank notes, Euros, Dollar bills or even your own printed fun currency into a jumping frog or flapping bird. Get him to create a lucky charm or a special keepsake. Handcraft your next monetary gift and inspire both surprise and laughter. Or how about a magic trick created out of a bank note? With nimble fingers the paper note is quickly folded into the form of a magician’s top hat. A quick squeeze to the hat’s sides and a rabbit’s head will magically pop up.

Giant Origami

Giant Origami is a new and exciting way of folding paper! Your guests can watch Steve create paper magic whilst he folds giant pieces of paper into shapes in front of their eyes! This needs to be pre-folded prior to the event, and will take approximately 1 hour to complete in front of an audience. Afterwards Steve is available to entertain the guests with close-up origami!


“I just wanted to give you some feed back on the team building day. Steve was brilliant. Great Fun! Everything went well and the giant crane turned out great!

Thank you very much for your assistance.

We will definitely consider your company again for future events. Thanks again."

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Napkin Folds

There is no better way to make a table look special than with imaginatively folded napkins. Whether you are throwing an elegant dinner party, entertaining friends, or preparing dinner for a special client, displaying folded napkins will allow you to enhance the appearance of your meal and transforms the table into a showpiece.

Mixing whimsy and elegance, Steve is able to fashion stylish setups for any occasion. From everyday to evening, children’s parties to black-tie affairs, a clever napkin fold turns any gather into a memorable event. Classic folds such as the water lily, together with Steve’s own innovative designs – including a football shirt, crystal fans and sushi rolls make a napkin fold become the starting point for designing an entire occasion.

Woven Hearts and Stars

It is believed that Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish fairy-tale writer, first created the interwoven heart basket. Traditionally it is red and white, the colours of the Danish flag. Through the years, this intricate handmade item has become to symbolize romance, respect and good wishes. Filled with chocolates, flowers or a love note, it makes a charming Valentine for someone special. Decorative woven stars are created from paper strips. They will make excellent decorations or original gift tags, adding add a fabulous flourish to any gift that is wrapped with imagination and love, and will provide the unique look you desire.

Gift Wrapping

Much care and thought go into gift giving. And the way a gift is wrapped can say a lot about the care and thought that went into its selection. Steve draws on an extensive knowledge of both Western and Japanese traditions and his experience in other forms of paper craft to create imaginative gift wrappings. When you have selected the best possible present, you’ll want the wrapping to be as elegant as the gift and give an exciting first impression. These unusual mannequin-style bags will do the trick and are sure to cause a stir. There is only one drawback: your recipients may like the outside packaging so much, they may never unwrap the presents!

Towel Origami

Most of us know how to fold towels correctly. However, folding towels to stack in a lien closet and folding towels for displays require different skills. Have you ever checked into a hotel or on a cruise and have been greeted with an enchanting towel sculpture – a lovable elephant, adorable puppy, beautiful flowers or elegant swans – at the foot of your bed? Steve has an interesting and diverse range of cute creatures, plus many other designs. His wonderful artistic towel folded creations are fun and easy to make and will have your guests felling special! He bends the more traditional rules of origami when folding towels. Rubber bands are often used to secure the towels into shape; sunglass and other decorative elements are also incorporated into many of his designs.

Origami for Christmas

Bring together the delicate Japanese craft of origami and the most celebrated Western holiday - Christmas. Trim your tree and decorate the house with customized origami folds. Holiday entertaining tantalizes with more than just a good helping of Christmas food; fold up gift wrap and other beautiful papers to create delicate ornaments, festive candy canes, delightful stockings and more. Steve’s ideas are original and fresh – and they are designed for people who want to share with their family, friends and clients the warmth of the festive season. Origami for Christmas reflects an ideal harmony between a traditional handicraft of the East and the purity and simplicity of the true Christmas spirit.